Friday, July 15, 2011

Let the chores begin!

Chore n. any odd job, or occasional housework; (pl) routine work

I laughed when I read this definition of chore. “Occasional Housework”??? Housework done occasionally leaves you with a crazy house! Well at least if you have a husband and 4 little ones running around. Chores are a part of everyday life, they need to be done.

Chores are a hot topic in my house right now because I am in the midst of training my little ones. If I want them to grow up and know how to run a house or help their wives they need to be trained now. If I wait until they are “old enough” the interest and excitement might not be there, and if we do it now it becomes a part of their lives. Bella (6yrs old) wants to learn everything; cooking, cleaning, taking care of babies, all of it, Anna (5yrs old) wants to do some things Bella does but nothing that requires too much effort, Moses (3yrs old) wants to be strong so whatever the chore is he’ll do it to show his strength, and Judah (2yrs old) insists on being the only one to empty the dishwasher!!!
This season in their lives is precious in forming their attitudes, their work ethics, their follow-through, and their individual responsibilities (among all the other things). So this summer I have been working on what their chores should be according to their ages and stages in life.

Daily Chores we all do would include: laundry, setting table for meals, cleaning up after meals, picking up toys left in other places besides bedrooms, and emptying the dishwasher.

Morning Room Chores for the girls: make your bed, get dressed, brush teeth
Morning Room Chores for the boys: make your bed, get dressed (with mama’s help), brush teeth

Every day we have a different house hold chore to do as a group.

Monday-Dust (everyone gets a rag and goes to town!)
Tuesday-Vacuum & Empty trash (Bella&Anna learning to vacuum/boys TRASH!)
Wednesday-Organize toys (Do you love it, still play w/ it, ready to give it away?)
Thursday-Clean Bathrooms (mostly still all me-girls starting to learn)
Friday-Strip Sheets (FUN rip your bed a part)
Saturday-Clean out Van (everyone grab something!)
Sunday-REST (YES!!!)

Evening Room Chores for the girls: Clean up toys, lay out clothes, brush teeth
Evening Room Chores for the boys: Clean up toys, lay out clothes, brush teeth

This is my thinking if I spend the next 6 months-1 year training my kids in these areas and they become good at them they grow as people, learning about life. I also get help around the house! Now perfectionism can come in like a flood when I’m in the midst of training my kids…most jobs I give them I could do way faster and better. But if I want them to learn I have to let go of it being done perfectly and let it just be done. It’s so good for me and so good for them!
I’m still trying to figure out the best way to give them the chores. I like lists but they can’t all read. I have thought about posting pictures of what I want them to do or have the chores on necklaces that they give back when done with the chore, I’ve heard of people giving their kids tickets when they get all their work done-lots of good ideas just need to find what works for my little troop! Let the chores begin!


  1. I love this, Jessica! I especially love the group chores. I will all too often try to do a chore while the kids are playing, but I never end up getting anything done anyway because of all the interruptions. And half the time they *want* to help, I just don't take the time to train them how to do it. You are an inspiration. :)

  2. You inspire me. I started a blog too. My first post is about you!

  3. I linked your blog to mine. Look under the 6 degrees tab. Love you!