Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Where/When are we going...Why Kansas City first...?

We have just as many questions as everyone else!

As we continue to pray about our dream Hephzibah the Lord is graciously opening doors for us and closing others. He is so faithful. We are overwhelmed by His goodness. 

Where/When are we going... 

Our Summer Schedule:

We are going to Kansas City in May. We will be getting a storage unit and dropping our stuff off. We’ll only be there about a week, then we are off to Chicago to celebrate Danny’s parents 50th wedding anniversary!!! (Amazing we get to be there to celebrate with them-so so excited!

We will be in Chicago for about 3 weeks, Minnesota for 3 weeks, and Nebraska for 2 weeks sharing our vision with friends and family and inviting new people to co-labor with us. 

We will settle back down in Kansas City end of July/August time. 

Why Kansas City first...

This season we are going into would be similar to what an overseas missionary does when they come back for a year from the mission field. We will be continuing to raise support as full time missionaries, spend extended times in prayer and fasting, rest, and refocus on what the Lord is calling us to.   

The time we spend in Kansas City will be a focused time of prayer and fasting for Brazil. We are asking the Lord to make it clear when we are to go to Brazil, who we are going specifically for, and inviting people to join us!!! 

I will continue to update as we go along! 

Some important prayer points for us...

Transition time- especially for our kids
Travel Safety- lots of time spent in our van (our van needs some work before we leave!) 
Finances- that our every need would be met
Our hearts- stay connected to the Lord and each other 

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with the Lima family missionaries through your finances? For more info, please email me at If you'd like to make a donation today: Paypal (not tax exempt) -


Check (tax exempt) – write your check to: JumpIn until May 15th 
Email me and I'll give you mailing details.

Thank you for praying about it!

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