Monday, April 18, 2016

the weakest season...

Oh the different seasons of life. As I look back at each season in my life I know God indeed had a plan.  I can see...

how He lead

how I felt in the moment

how He was there the whole time even when I didn't "feel" Him 

and oh the times I did feel His presence

This *season* I am in right now feels different than any other. I haven't been able to put my finger on the feelings until recently. 

"This is the weakest I have ever felt in my whole life."-tumbled out of my mouth this week.

I have had seasons of great weakness. When my own strength was gone-all I had left was to lean on Him. When the pressure of weakness hits it is a perfect storm to isolate and leave the lies in the darkness not to bring them into the light. 

In the midst of this weakness I hear the Lord calling...calling me back to the place of leaning. Back to the place of embracing weakness because when I am weak He can show himself strong. When I let go of control He can move on my behalf. 

"Who is this coming up from the wilderness, Leaning on her beloved?" Song of Solomon 8:5

When I emerge from this season I know I will look different-unrecognizable in fact. My prayer is to be found leaning on my beloved. 


  1. Jehovah-shammah "The LORD is there" HE is with you in your circumstances! One of your greatest gifts: HIS presence in your life that brings comfort and protects you. I love this quote by Geoffrey Bull in "God Hods the Key": And if He makes us stand in some obscure and darkened corner of His palace yard, we can be sure He puts us there because from that distinct advantage we, with our present stature, will behold Him best whenever He comes passing by."

  2. Yes!!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!!!